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Transforming Organizations with People-Centric Project Management Solutions

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Welcome to PATH-HIVE, your premier destination for transformative project management solutions. Founded by Dr. Ashraf Bocktor, PATH-HIVE specializes in people-centric approaches to project management, aimed at revolutionizing organizational efficiency and success.

Discover our range of innovative products and services designed to streamline project workflows, foster collaboration, and empower teams. From our cutting-edge PATH-HIVE software to insightful presentations and engaging videos, we provide comprehensive resources to elevate your project management initiatives.

PATH-HIVE stands as a comprehensive, meticulously crafted, and truly unique framework that integrates diverse disciplines. This business change and transformation framework is the result of a multidisciplinary approach, weaving together insights from physics, business, technology, and human resources. Grounded in intrinsic values of growth, harmony, and balance, our approach is engineered to assist organizations in confronting complex challenges head-on.

In the face of abysmal success rates in business change and transformation initiatives, averaging between 15-35%, PATH-HIVE is designed to prepare organizations for the demands of the project economy, where operations and change management are central to daily business. What sets PATH-HIVE apart is its innovative approach. It incrementally enhances and holistically addresses numerous factors contributing to the failure of business change initiatives. By shifting the focus beyond technical challenges, PATH-HIVE encompasses mindset, people, collaboration, empowerment of internal talent, innovative KPIs, and more, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for sustainable transformation and success.

Explore our website to learn more about our mission, products, and services, and take the first step towards transforming your organization today.