These are the presentations that accompany some of the PATH-HIVE products, workshops and the PATH-HIVE Software. The objective is to get the best out of your leaders, managers, and early career professionals to achieve sustainable personal and professional success. It is the People at the Heart Legacy.

Modern Mindset Assessment

Modern Mindset Voyage

Consider a Career in Business Analysis and Project Management

Consider a Career in BA & PM

PATH-HIVE Maturity Assessment

PATH-HIVE Maturity Assessment

PATH-HIVE Values Assesment & Team Dynamics

PATH-HIVE Team Dynamics

PATH-HIVE Boost Diversity

PATH-HIVE Boost Diversity

Design Thinking and Business Model Inoovation and Open Innovation

Design Thinking & Open Innovation

PATH-HIVE End to End Project Managment

PATH-HIVE Gold Workshop

PATH-HIVE Portfolio Prioritsation

PATH-HIVE Portfolio Prioritisation

Consider A Career in Software Development

Consider A Career in Technology

PATH-HIVE 3+7 A Change Management Model

PATH Change Management

Consider A Career in AI and ML

Consider A Career in AI & ML