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Mindeset Eats Digital Transformation For Breakfast. Mel Ross Adapt2Digital

Why digital transformation fails and how to address this challenge.

Basic Building Blcoks of Successful Project and Programme Management. Dr. Ashraf Bocktor

Firing electrons at oxygen molecules at -240 degrees taught me so many things about project, programme and risk management.

Useful Free Online Courses

Creating an Organizational Change Management Framework - Transforming Strategy Execution to Realize Program Value

Learn the key ingredients of realizing program value, enable managing change across complex stakeholders and understand the change management processes. Successfully implementing change is built on healthy project management and strategy execution practices and connecting the dots across change initiatives while working closely with the management team.

Diploma in Change Management

Learn how to utilize leaders and guide staff through change by learning the theories and practices of Change Management. This free online change management certification course will teach you how to build effective change strategies, and how to play a more effective role in any organization undergoing a period of change.

Project Management LinkedIn Courses. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez and CRFT Productions

Unlock the Secrets of Hybrid Project Management. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez. What is hybrid project management?

From the global push for digital transformation to the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence and remote work, the business landscape has never seemed to be changing so fast. Project management lies at the heart of many of those changes, and project managers need ways to keep up. This course with instructor Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is designed to help you understand and master hybrid project management, an exciting new approach to managing projects that blends disciplined planning and agile responsiveness.

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Project Management. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez. What is sustainable project management?

In this course, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez introduces you to groundbreaking tools and techniques to make your projects more sustainable, including the Triple Bottom Line, which can help you start turning challenges into sustainable outcomes. Antonio provides clear and actionable guidance on how to plan, execute, and monitor your projects in the most sustainable ways possible, allowing you to go beyond small, one-time improvements and drive sustainability on your projects to come.

Change Management Skills Every Project Manager Needs What is change management for project managers?. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez. What is change management for project managers?

For project managers, change management has become an integral, in-demand skill that’s becoming even more important in times of uncertainty. A recent search on LinkedIn showed 400,000 job openings demanding change management expertise. This course covers the essential skills that every project manager should know in light of these pressing market demands. Antonio shares insights into why specific projects soar while others stumble, using real-life case studies highlighting actionable, practical techniques to give you the edge in today’s dynamic project landscapes.