Welcome to PATH HIVE

The PATH HIVE Platform is a Change Management tool designed to support and assist change managers and project managers involved in planning, prioritising and establishing projects and portfolios in complex environments

PATH HIVE guides organisations and change managers through the process of setting up Portfolios (groups of projects that share a common theme within an organisation’s strategy), Projects; and in assessing the risks and benefits of projects – in order to prioritise them within the organisation.

A key element of the PATH HIVE platform is the human element. PATH HIVE puts People at the Heart of Projects.

With built-in assessment forms that capture users and stakeholders place in the projects, PATH HIVE enables you to track sentiment, engagement and well-being from the start to the end of each project. It helps Change Managers to understand the impact of any changes, those users most effected by change, and those users who need to most support and guidance throughout the journey.