PATH HIVE in Industry


PATH will focus on Medium and Larger Businesses in key segments – including Aerospace and Aviation, Pharmaceutical and Utilities – chosen because of sector-knowledge, and their clear need and readiness for successful change projects. PATH has also identified Retail, Professional, Financial, Fintech and Clean Energy.

Typically, all sectors apply a variety of change and transformation methodologies and enabling software, such as PRINCE II, Scrum, Microsoft Office Project, etc. as well as sector-specific tools. We see an opportunity in all three sectors for an innovative approach such as PATH HIVE to deliver end-to-end portfolio management, placing people at the heart of change.

The PATH HIVE approach does not only address wasted resources and lost knowledge, it leaves a sustainable legacy within a learning environment. It is a people legacy that will have both social and economic impacts, and where the planned technology is merely an enabler to ensure the people legacy is strong.


“The aerospace industry has to be ready for the ever changing & dynamic business environment. In other words, the aerospace industry has to embrace business transformation. Going one step further, the aerospace industry has to gain the ability to constantly adapt to uncertainty in a time where the sector is very busy and stretched to capacity.” Aircraft Interiors International, 2018

PATH believes that the business transformation in this sector cannot be achieved in the usual way, where the conventional and well-established consultancies see huge long- term opportunities to generate profits on the back of the needs of the aerospace industry while ignoring the people legacy.

The industry provides significant economic and social benefits. A highly dynamic sector, it is a growing market with many external forces, signs of consolidation and the need to drive out costs and manage large project portfolios. We believe that PATH can successfully be deployed in this sector and have confirmed this in our market studies.

We have identified key pressure points within the industry that we solve with PATH HIVE – solutions that will address industry 4.0, work force training, and learning, immersive and workforce productivity.

The aerospace and aviation industry craves to improve the passenger experience. This can be simply translated into :

  • innovative products, services, partnerships and business models
  • automation and improved operations and digital transformation
  • enhancement of overall well-being
  • and the response to the rules and regulations.

The PATH HIVE framework is designed to balance and prioritise the business transformation programmes across the above four goals; it offers the training and development to manage the long-term challenges in a sustainable fashion; it empowers internal talent and ensures their involvement in innovation and solutions design and implementation, it provides tools through digital platforms and it builds internal capabilities rather than just employing the latest technology.